We always enjoy playing the Madden NFL games. And we always looking forward playing the new Madden NFL edition. Every year the game gets a huge update and there are a lot of great improvements. That makes it easy to enjoy the same game for year after year. We are always very curious about the top 5 players of the new edition or season. And of course we like to inform you about the latest news and improvements.

What is the date Madden 18 gets released?

Luckily we do not have to wait that long before the new Madden 18 game is here to play. This month on August, 25, 2017 the new edition officially gets released. In about less than 20 days we will be able to play our favorite game again. And to be honest, we can’t wait!

Just like other EA games it will be possible to play the Madden game three days earlier than the official release. Who doesn’t want that? The official release date is August, 25, 2017 so August, 22, 2017 is the first date possible you can play the Madden game. If you want to play the game three days earlier, you have to pre-order the G.O.A.T. edition. The meaning of G.O.A.T. is greatest of all time edition. You will have to pay more money to get the G.O.A.T. edition, but you can play Madden 18 three days earlier so you can decide if it’s worth the money. We know the answer for ourselves already! 😉

The newest information about Madden 18

In comparison with the Madden editions of the previous years, Madden 18 has a lot more improvements. Some say Madden 18 is one of the best releases in years. There are three different play styles such as competitive, arcade and simulation. A new play style introduced in Madden 18 is Longshot, an interactive story mode, where you can guide a player from high school to the pro’s. This is the first time this story mode is introduced in the Madden series.

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